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Along came Molly.

Australian based,
Canadian born & raised.

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Photo Editing
Graphic Design

She’s got BIG heart eyes for all things snowboarding, breweries, obscure art, Halloween and music. It was those specific passions [and one Australian boy!], that ultimately persuaded Molly to dump her studies in Advertising and life in Canada, to follow the pull of exploring the greater unknowns - while unleashing her creativity in different artistic mediums and disciplines.

Molly now resides [with the Australian boy and their family!] in tropical utopia on an island just inside the Great Barrier Reef. It’s there Molly dove deep with her passion for design, having completed her Diploma of Graphic Design, she’s continued to fine tune her skills by offering her services in varied areas of design; focusing heavily on illustration, photo montage and branding work. Molly’s laid back personality often wins her the trust and loyalty of clients and design studios, as her chilled nature often translates as a safe and open space for clients to feel as though someone is truly *listening* to their desires.

The relationships she has built with clients past and present is reflected in her strong portfolio that showcases her ability to sincerely understand and adapt to her clients’ needs. Aside from extensive experience in the graphic design industry, her previous introduction and understanding of the advertising world gives Molly an edge; not only can she produce work that meets the clients individual and personal creative brief, she’s able to apply her understanding of the marketing and advertising space to bridge the gap and conceive work that leaves a lasting impact.

Scrolling through Molly’s work, you’ll immediately notice her continuous ability to produce work on all sides of the design spectrum; further reiterating that she’s one of those designers that just *gets it*. She gets the brief, the client, the vibe; and the impact it needs to, wants to & SHOULD make. Molly is keen & available to discuss upcoming graphic design projects  as well as exploring the option to be signed on by the right design studio or agency.  

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