Big Tree Brewers

Project Overview
This branding project was created for Big Tree Brewers, an award winning duo who have a passion for beer. They wanted something that represented the hops and the unique tropical environment where they brew their beer. Having a unique modern logo that stands out on the shelves against other craft beers was a must as well. They wanted to showcase the island life while also appearing modern and trendy.


This logo represents the elements of the tropical palm tree and the hops. The tie-dye water effect communicates the island lifestyle and the laid-back nature of the brewers.
The elements together communicate a modern and unique craft beer experience.

Alternative Lockups

If the logotyoe needs to be used on it's own this version will be used.

If the logo can be used on it's own this version will be used.

Brand Colours

These colours were selected because they represent the sparkling water of the tropics. They also have a relaxing feeling that represents the lifestyle of the target market. Black and darker blue are introduced to give the brand a more modern and commercial character to appeal to a more mass audience of craft beer drinkers.



This typeface was selected for the logotype and main headings. It has an island vibe while also feeling modern and trendy.


This typeface will be used for copy purposes. It is easy to read and great for general purpose. Distinguishable when printed at regular document sizes.