Project Overview
This branding project was created for Flora, a boutique florist. They specialize in bespoke floral arrangements that are simple, elegant, sculptural, bright, and bold. They create create designs for the home, but specialize in artistic floral solutions for events, weddings, restaurants, and merchandising. Flora approaches each flower arrangement like a piece of art.


This logo uses the PT serif typeface, altered with the serifs cut from the l and r. This creates an interesting aspect to the logotype without over complicating it. A serif typeface was chose to create a feel of elegance.

Alternative Lockups

This version of the logo with the elegant flower vine can be used on non-textured backgrounds where the detail
is appropriate.

This version of the logo can be used when the gradient can be seen on a dark and uncluttered background. The rose gold is sophisticated and modern.

Brand Colours

These colours were selected because they give the brand a modern and elegant feel. The blush pink and grey tones are sophisticated and stylish accents to the black and rose gold. The gold and black give the brand a heightened feeling of class without being overwhelming. The colours are not too bright to fight with the bold floral arrangements, instead they are more neutral and used to compliment them.


Logotype & Headings

This typeface was selected for the logotype and main headings. It is a serif typeface that brings sophistication to the branding.


This typeface will be used for copy purposes. It is easy to read and great for general purpose.