Project Overview
This branding project was created to revitalize the Magnetic Island Community Development Associations logo and brand. They manage many working groups with a diverse range of goals representing the heart of the community. Their main aim to become a sustainable island that brings together development, economy, heritage, ecology, and community under one collaborative umbrella.


This logo represents the elements of the tropical palm tree and the water from our beautiful beaches.
The elements are intertwined to represent the balance of the natural elements on Magnetic Island.
Having the natural elements create an upwards arrow in the negative space to signify growth and upward movement that MICDA wants to create for the island community.

Alternative Lockups

If the full name needs to be displayed this version of the logo will be used.

If the logo can be used on it's own this version will be used.

A Sustainable Brand

To create a sustainable brand for MICDA, a linework logo was created. This will use less ink when printing to reduce waste. Colours were also chosen with only 100% inking rate for a smaller impact on our planet.


Logo & Headings

This typeface will be used for the logo and main headings. It is a modern stylish typeface that will bring a younger feel to the brand.

Copy & Web

This typeface will be used for copy and web viewing.

Copy & Print

This typeface will be used for small copy for print purposes. The unique letter forms use 33% less ink when printed. The lines in the letter forms blend together and are not distinguishable when printed at regular document sizes.