Smugglers Wine Bar

Project Overview
This branding project was created for Smugglers Wine Bar. They are a wine bar located on a small tropical island. The wine bar has a cheeky personality compared to a more stuffy wine bar you would find in the inner CBD. Their wines are curated by hand by the owners and run by the family. It's a great environment for drinks and nibbles in a relaxed environment.


This logo uses the budgie to showcase the unique Australian persona of the wine bar, and also tie into the tongue-in-cheek joke of budgie smuggler swimmers. The logo has a weathered look to give it a smugglers cove feel and showcase the more relaxed style of the wine bar.

Alternative Lockups

This simplified illustrated version of the logo can be used when the full logo is not necessary.

This smaller bird and wineglass logo can be used when the logo needs to be very small and the more detailed versions do not work at the scale required.

Brand Colours

These colours were selected because they are the colours of the blue budgie. They work well with the tropical location of the wine bar, along with the tongue-in-cheek budgie smugglers branding concept.


Logo & Headings

Used for the main logo and some main headings on wine.


Used for 'wine bar' in logo and
menu headings.


Used for most copy.