Quick N Tasty Pizza

App Design
Project Overview
This branding project was created for Quick N Tasty. They are a pizza company that mainly caters to students. Quick N Tasty have unique student specials for every day of the week, which sets them apart from other pizza delivery companies. Their app is aimed at students who can order from their device where their student profile can be saved and students specials updated as they occur. They wanted an app that was modern and would appeal to University students living in dorms or share houses.

Logo & Icon

This logo was created using a modern sans serif typeface and typesetting it in a square. This gives a feeling of a modern fast food delivery company.

The app icon uses the same gradient and is a cheesy pizza to envoke feelings of hunger over competitors icons.

Brand Colours

These colours were used because they envoke a sense of hunger and warmth. They are classic fast food associated colours, but are used in a gradient to make it modern and updated.



This typeface will be used for the logo and main headings.


This typeface will be used for copy some buttons.