Project Overview
This branding project was created for Spiritus. They are a clothing company that has a unique emphasis on creating clothing as eco-concious as possible. Spiritus source their material from fabric that would normally be discarded and fabric that was created with the planet in mind. Their brand is aimed at professionals who want to create a wardrobe of one-of-a-kind pieces that are kind to the planet.


This logo uses the Kate Typeface, altered with the serifs cut from the two i's and altered terminal on the s. This creates an interesting aspect to the logotype without over complicating it. The type conveys the nature and personality of the brand.

Alternative Lockups

This version of the logo with the eco clothing tag line can be used on larger scale items when the text will be legible.

This version of the logo can be used when the logo needs to be scaled very small.

Brand Colours

Colour was a major factor in designing for the brand.
The colours had to be environmentally friendly, while evoking the unique clothing made at Spiritus. Each colour prints at less than 100% inking rate to reduce the amount of ink needed on printed items. This means combined with printing on seed paper - the clothing tags can be produced as environmentally as possible.


Logotype & Headings

This typeface was selected for the logotype and main headings.


This typeface will be used for copy purposes. It is easy to read and has a great personality.